Anyone can take a picture of his car. But is it a good picture? Probably not.

However, the folks at Nissan offer up some solid tips on getting the most out of your photo instead of trying to rely on photoshop afterward. The video below offers some great step-by-step instructions, but here are the highlights:

1. Get up early: The best light is the first and last hour of sunlight.

2. Wear kneepads: Low angle shots are often a good choice for car pictures.

3. Clean up: Bring cleaning equipment to make sure the car looks its best.

4. Avoid gray skies: Unless the photo is black and white, gray skies just depress people.

5. Get a great car: Nissan shot the video of photographers making the all-new compact 2013 Sentra look great. If they can do that, you should have no problem doing something better with your wheels.

Scroll down to see the short video.

Nissan Sentra Information

Nissan Sentra

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