Toyota, now all about getting its groove back, changed its ad slogan to "Let's Go Places." Scion, meanwhile, advertises the FR-S (Toyota 86) around the world with drift-happy regional launch videos and, in the UK, scenes of dystopian breakout. But in this corner of the world, before Scion went mature, we remember when it had hip, DJ-driven spots with editing as edgy as the image it was trying to promote.

Which brings us to this 30-second spec ad, created by YouTube users Marcus Stokes and Marko Mandaric. Heavy on the bass and VFX, it pitches the FR-S in Scion's original style. And even though the FR-S is the easy offering to slot in, we suspect the vibe might do favors for the tC and, pushing things, even the iQ simply because it's so left-field. So while we try and figure out whether the FR-S means Scion's got its goove back, you can check out the video below.

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