"The UK's fuel supply has run out and the country is coming apart at the seams... Jared must escape London to reach his wife and child. He siphons the petrol from his own car to prevent it from being stolen, but just as he is getting ready to leave, there is a knock at the door... It's an old friend of Jared's: a volatile character named Sy... and Sy needs a ride..."

So says the trailer for the film "Fumes," which appears to be a tense, short thriller that's yet to be made and is looking for backers. It's set in near-future London, where an oil crisis has caused the country's petrol supply to run out. The story was Inspired by two crises: a UK petrol shortage in 2009 when pumps were running dry, and the fiery London riots of August 2011 following protests over the shooting death by police of a local man, Mark Duggan.

The film will be asking serious questions about society, sustainability, and reliance on fossil fuel. Writer-director-producer Tom Werber, best known for his animated short, " Losers: Flush," is campaigning for financial support and working with up-and-coming young actor Aaron Taylor, known for his role in the film " Some Dogs Bite," who will play troubling friend Sy.

The next hurdle is money. The "Fumes" team is working on raising £12,600 ($20,000) through crowd funding site Indigogo. The project has a deadline of mid-October to raise the funds, and so far the numbers have been small. The funding categories pay tribute the movie's theme, such as $5,000 for "The Oil Field," which means you get to be an executive producer in the credits or just $50 for "The Full Tank," where you get your own special DVD copy of the film and a thank you in the film credits. As of press time, $1,050 of the $20,000 had been claimed.

"We have assembled a fantastically talented team behind this film. This is a low-budget production, and all of the money we are asking for will go towards equipment, locations and travel costs." said producer Stephen Smith.

Once it's shot and edited, "Fumes" the plan is to enter the film in major short film festivals such as Cannes, Venice, Sundance, and Toronto. Werber – a director of film, music videos, commercials and animation – has experience showing his work at award festivals and exhibitions, including the Louvre Gallery in Paris, and Encounters festival, BUG and Big Screens in the UK.

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