Talk about extending your range.

Coda Automotive, which sold its first battery-electric sedan in March, is looking to expand its U.S. dealership network to about 30 next year, Bloomberg News reports, citing an interview with Coda CEO Phil Murtaugh.

The Los Angeles-based company will add dealers in locales ranging from Oregon to Florida next year in a longer-term effort to capture as much as 15 percent of the non-luxury EV market in the U.S.

Coda has delivered about 100 cars since March, though says it has orders for about 1,000 more. The Coda Sedan has been rated by the EPA to have a single-charge range of 88 miles, or about 15 miles more than the Nissan Leaf. The Sedan is priced at $37,250 before the $7,500 federal tax credit many EV buyers in the U.S. can qualify for.

Coda, which opened its L.A. headquarters late last year, has raised $320 million in private funding and said in April that it was moving forward with its efforts to work with China-based Great Wall Motors to build what it says would be the world's least expensive mass-produced EV.

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