Caterham has teased the image above on its website, with more information promised in October.

Although we're inclined to start the CSI routine when teasers appear, the tag line appended to the picture would seem to make short work of it. Caterham's mention of "Britain's most exciting race series" would lead us to the Superlight R300 series, and combined with the fact that the car in the photo looks a dead ringer for the R300 we'd surmise that the new car is a supercharged version of that machine.

Whatever it may actually be, it is pretty obviously not the luxurious, up-level sports car we've recently been told is in the planning stages, nor the all-new sports car teased about six months ago.

Currently, the R300 is powered by a naturally-aspirated 2.0-liter, four-cylinder bought from Ford. That basic package is given tweaks like the installation of a dry sump system, and then called the Caterham Duratec Motorsport engine. It's good for 175 horsepower, so if we're correct so far, the addition of a supercharger should make for an even more frenetic racer of a car that now weighs just 1,133 pounds.

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