There's more movement in the world of marketing: while Lincoln gets on with its "Reimagined" campaign, Toyota has announced a new ad slogan, "Let's Go Places." Time will tell where it slots into the brand's history of taglines, from the rather anonymous end where "Moving Forward" (the phrase it replaces) and "See how much car your money can buy" lives, to the more memorable "I love what you do for me!" and classic "Oh, what a feeling!" slogans.

Toyota engaged in "extensive research and collaboration" with five advertising partners and a research firm to come up with it, so don't mistake the tagline's brevity for back-of-a-napkin hunch. For a peek into its deeper meanings, including the obligatory nods to "optimism" and "exciting innovation" and "enriching lives" and being "aspirational," there's a press release with all the answers below.
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Toyota Reveals New Tagline 'Let's Go Places'
Toyota Tagline Signals New Direction and Invites Customers Along for the Ride

TORRANCE, Calif. – Toyota announced an engaging new tagline today, "Let's Go Places," reflecting the company's commitment to more exciting products and the promise that customers are invited to take part in shaping Toyota's future. The new theme, which represents the vision of Toyota Motor Corporation President, Akio Toyoda, was revealed today at the Toyota National Dealer Meeting in Las Vegas.

"Let's Go Places" evokes the forward-looking and optimistic momentum of Toyota in America. It invites consumers on a journey to see new places, discover new possibilities and dream big dreams together with Toyota. "Let's Go Places" begins today to engage consumers to discover Toyota and will debut nationally on December 31, 2012, as part of the campaign for the radically new Avalon, the embodiment of Toyota's new direction. "Let's Go Places" replaces the previous Toyota tagline "Moving Forward."

"Let's Go Places" speaks to the evolution of Toyota and our commitment to leading through innovation, enriching lives and connecting with customers in new ways they define," said Bill Fay, group vice president and general manager, Toyota Division. "It is energetic, aspirational, inclusive and very versatile. The phrase conveys a dual meaning of physically going places and taking off on an adventure, while also expressing optimism and the promise of exciting innovation that enriches people's lives. It allows our associates, customers, dealers, and suppliers to interpret it in ways that are most personally relevant to them."

"Let's Go Places" emphasizes the thrill of innovation for a better way to live and drive, and delivers on that promise in a variety of ways – from seven, exciting all-new or updated Toyota and Scion vehicles in 2013, to unique community-giving programs such as 100 Cars for Good, to partnerships like Toyota's Personal Branding Initiative to assist veterans in translating their military skills into employment opportunities.

The new tagline is the result of extensive research and collaboration with longtime partners Saatchi & Saatchi, Dentsu America, Conill, Burrell, Intertrend, and Grieco Research.

Beginning in 2013, "Let's Go Places" will be integrated into all of Toyota's national and regional advertising, engagement, communications and digital across all segments.

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