What's one of the most powerful selling points for any used car, especially an exotic? Low mileage. Being able to say that a car has been sparingly used can add a significant number of digits to the sale price.

Should Jack Riddell ever sell his 1967 Lamborghini 400GT 2+2, though, that phrase will be barred from his ad. Riddell bought the Lambo used in 1972, and using it as his daily driver over the 40 years since, he's taken it past the 250,000-mile mark.

Ridley and his "V12 TORO" stopped by Jay Leno's Garage and Jay, an obvious Lamborghini fan – there's a Countach and a pair of Miura coupes in the background – pored over it. Then, of course, he and Riddell took it out and put more miles on it. There's a heap of Lambo love and history, along with Leno, in the video below.

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