The owner of the Howard Cooper Import Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan recently sold his 47-year-old dealership to a new company, but before he did, he took the time to say thanks to his employees. How? Everyone on staff received $1,000 for each year that they'd worked for the company.
Howard Cooper, now 83 years old, handed out checks to each of his 89 employees. One worker, who drove the company parts van, received $28,000 for his loyalty, while mechanic Bob Jenkins went home with a $26,000 check. He says his money is going into the bank to be put towards his children's future.

Cooper, meanwhile, said that he hoped the money would make a difference in his employees' lives. He opened shop in 1965, and at first, his lot only sold Volkswagen products. Eventually, he added Porsche and Audi vehicles to the mix, as well as Honda models. He sold the dealership to Germain Motor Company in April, but made sure employee retention was in the contract before he signed he deal.

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