There's good news for you if you're still lamenting the loss of Hummer. UK-based customizer Prindiville will gladly whip you up a new officially-licensed, pint-sized version of General Motors' fuel-thirsty off roader.

This machine doesn't get its power from a heady V8, though. Instead, the company built the baby hummer as a plug-in hybrid with a 60-mile range. Using a 72-volt driveline coupled to an as-yet named internal combustion engine and a set of lithium-ion batteries, the Electric Hummer can whir around town on the buyer's choice of either 15 or 18-inch wheels. The driver gets to enjoy a set of full-LCD gauges to help keep an eye on remaining power, and a Pioneer head unit supplies passengers with tunes.

Prindiville currently plans to turn out 25 examples of the Electric Hummer, each with a price tag of $40,000. Still, something tells us that if the machines turn out to be wildly popular, there won't be anything stopping the company from turning out a few more. Head over to the Prindiville site for more information.

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