Alfa Romeo's U.S. rebirth delayed. Again.

Alfa Romeo has been threatening to re-enter the North American market for a while now, and the latest word, via Automotive News, is that Alfa has whiplashed back to being off again, for now. Then there's that thing about Volkswagen maybe buying Alfa from parent Fiat, though that's also likely on hold until the voracious German gets its latest acquisitions settled in. Fiat has repeatedly denied that Alfa is for sale.

Sergio Marchionne will lay out the newest plan for Alfa Romeo at the end of October, about the time we were supposed to be getting a compact crossover. The 4C will still probably wow the crowd at the North American International Auto Show in January, but actual vehicle rollout and sales plans are shifting. That's partially due to increased slack in European demand for Alfa Romeo vehicles, which have required volume projection adjustments.

For now, the 4C will likely lead the charge, with the next-generation Giulia being a good bet for the next Alfa on offer. We should also see the Alfa Romeo sibling to the new Jeep Liberty that's rolling out next year. The Alfa version will follow in 2014 and be built alongside the Jeep in Toledo.

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