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A new video released from an incident in June shows just how close Maryland State Trooper David Avila came to having a fatal traffic stop.

While standing on the shoulder of the road speaking to a driver he pulled over, a large tractor trailer came barreling down the right lane, side-swiping Avila's car and then clipping the officer himself. Avila can be seen trying to gather himself on the guard rail upon being hit before collapsing to the ground.

It's truly a miracle that he wasn't killed in the ordeal. If the trailer had been just a few more inches onto the shoulder, Avila probably would have experienced incredibly serious injuries or even death.

The officer is currently undergoing physical therapy in an effort to recover from injuries sustained to his back, shoulder and legs, but doctors have said that they aren't sure whether he'll be able to return to work, according to NBC Washington.

The trailer driver was issued a fine for the offense.

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