Ever wanted to own a winning Pikes Peak car? No, we're not talking about one of Monster Tajima's rides, but a class winner and fifth overall. The car is the 2012 Palatov D4 PPS. It's for sale on eBay and it won the Unlimited class at this year's Pikes Peak hill climb.

Usually, in an eBay descriptor, you learn about specifics like mileage, condition of the body, number of previous owners, etc. This descriptor included the following information: Chromoly TIG welded chassis, proprietary AWD system, 1,100 pounds, 1.3-liter Harley H2 engine, custom Hewland sequential gearbox; we could go on.

The seller points out that while many Pikes Peak cars are only optimal on that particular course, this vehicle could be easily used for track days. It is also noted that several photos show an application of a naturally aspirated V8. The model they are selling comes equipped with the turbocharged inline-four.

This year, the car ran Pikes Peak in 10 minutes and four seconds, which was good enough to take the Unlimited class. If you want a piece of history like this, bidding is at $50,000 and the reserve has not been met. The "Buy it Now" price is for $125,000. In the context of world-class hill climb performers, that is not a bad deal. Check out the video of their near-ten-minute run below.

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