BMW isn't saying exactly why it put the M3 GT2 Art Car done by Jeff Koons atop Norway's 640-meter-high (2,112 feet) Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), but it did. There's said to be some connection to Edvald Munch's painting The Scream, but things are a bit fuzzy there (and Koons is American), and does there really need to be a reason anyway?

The racing coupe was on display in London during the Olympics, where BMW was the transport sponsor, so we suppose this is one way to top the quadrennial spectacle. While it would have been much simpler and far cheaper to drag out the green screen and video workstation, or Photoshop, or a matte painter, that's not the BMW way. So the real car was driven to a landing zone and a helicopter hauled the M3 to the top of the rock, where we suppose it can now stop pining for the fjords.

There's a video below with the action, and another here that the owner won't let us embed.

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