We noticed something interesting about the design sketches of the Russian-spec 2013 Accord Honda showed off at the Moscow International Motor Show recently. Aside from the license plate getting swapped from a California tag to a German one, the renderings were identical to the early drawings of the U.S.-spec model Honda showed off during its press presentation for the 2013 Accord.

This is of note because Russian Honda dealers have typically supplied their buyers with Euro-spec Accord models (think Acura TSX). Honda has now confirmed our suspicions that the Russian Accord will be replaced with a version based on the U.S.-spec model. It's also worth noting that Acura is reportedly heading to Russia in 2014.

"We haven't announced plans for Europe," said Chris Martin with Honda public relations, "but the Ruissian model will share sheetmetal and basic design with the U.S. model."

Martin made it clear that there will, of course, be some market differences, but that by and large, the two models will be the same. Honda hasn't said which engine options will show up on the Russian order sheet as of yet.

And what of Europe? Given the German plate on these sketches and the fact that Russia is officially getting the same model as the North American market, we would wager there's a good chance that Honda will grace the EU with the same machine. Stay tuned.

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