Ford is currently facing a lawsuit regarding the direct injection fuel systems found in its F-150 EcoBoost engine. TMC Fuel Injection System LLC is the company filed the lawsuit Wednesday in a federal court in Philadelphia. The suit alleges that Ford said it was "no longer interested" in the direct injection technology, yet proceeded to employ it in its engines.

Shou L. Hou is the patent inventor for the fuel delivery technology. Ford began talks with Hou and TMC over two years after the patent was filed.

The specific direct injection technology patented by Hou is the dynamic range of the fuel injection which maximizes performance while minimizing fuel waste. This system is said to conserve fuel by 25 percent in city driving, while offering improved power when needed.

The EcoBoost engine representd 42 percent of the F-150 sales in the month of July. Ford began offering this engine in early 2011, after apparently telling TMC and Hou that it had no interest in utilizing their patent.

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