The grainy image above is a shot from a video taken just seconds before a truck barreled into a crowd during an off-road racing event in Harrisburg, Ore. on Saturday. With about 1,000 people in attendance at Monster Air 2012, this jacked-up 1970s Ford pickup lost control and veered off course into the nearby crowd injuring three adults.

According to The Register-Guard of Eugene, Ore., fans were separated from the track by a dirt barrier at least eight-feet tall, and after the truck lost control, it went over this barrier and into the area where spectators were watching from folding chairs. Fortunately, the truck had slowed to just 10 mph by the time it made contact with the three victims, none of whom had serious life-threatening injuries. There has been no official word as to what caused the accident, but one witness said he heard something on the truck break just before it headed for the fans.

The accident happened just 30 minutes after the event started on Saturday, but the rest of the three-day Labor Day weekend events continued on as planned. Some reports referred to the truck as a monster truck, but it appears to be just a normal truck with a big lift. The Register-Guard is reporting it was a 1975 F-Series truck with a 950-horsepower engine, and CNN says that it was riding on 48-inch tires. No mention was made of the driver's condition, but he was apparently uninjured as CNN reports he got out of the truck after the accident to check on those who were injured.

One person happened to record the incident on his cell phone so the video quality is low, but it does capture most of the frightening incident. Scroll down to watch the grainy and jumpy video.

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