We're all familiar with the designated driver concept. Most everyone with a drivers license has either been one or needed one. But now, the designated texter is a new idea being promoted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to target texting drivers.

A recent study by State Farm Insurance and Harris Interactive says more teens are taking the initiative and volunteering to text for everyone.

A new video from NHTSA called "Stairs" has the tagline, "Not everyone should should text and walk. No one should text and drive." To illustrate, a texting teen attempts to ascend a set of stairs. She falls face-first, her phone landing at her feet. In the next scene, another teen at the wheel of her SUV gets totally distracted by a text on her phone and looks up just in time to see the pedestrians about to be plowed under her front bumper.

Having a designated texter is a pretty clever idea for those that can't wait. We're just concerned about what happens when an inebriated non-driver becomes the designated texter for the designated driver. Wackiness is sure to ensue.

Check out the NHTSA video below.

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