How do you follow up androgyny? With a Spanking Orchestra, obviously. Proving that the 2013 Toyota Auris has depths we haven't begun to comprehend, Toyota's Japanese ad agency has followed up the head-turning spot with Stav Strashko by kitting an Auris out with "spanking machines" and putting it on display at the Daikanyama Art Street festival.

The machines are computer-controlled hands that tap (or spank, if you prefer) the car to the programmed beat. As if that weren't enough, two pairs of free-standing hands, with arms, clap time at either end of the car. If there's a meaning to it, we're not aware of it, but it's fascinating to watch.

It isn't often – actually, never – that we get to say, "Ladies and gentlemen, we present The Spankers." You'll find them below, and the action begins in the first video at the 2:40 mark.

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