That illuminated Nissan logo? That's where the U.S. is really missing out.

The lit-up logo is one of a number of extras that Nissan Leaf owners can get overseas that they can't get here in the States, Green Car Reports says.

Other, more practical goodies include a charging-port lid cover in the UK that costs almost $300, a pair of parking sensors (also available in the UK) that run for more than $1,100 and a spare wheel that's available in Australia. While the U.S. Leafs don't include spares, buyers can actually get them as an aftermarket item.

But the grooviest extras appear to be in Nissan's home turf of Japan. There, buyers can get turn-signal indicators on their Leaf vehicles' mirrors for about $600. And that lit-up Nissan logo? That'll run Japanese Leaf buyers a cool $350. Domo arigatou.

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Nissan LEAF

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