Brace yourself for your weekly dose of Chris Harris envy. Everyone's favorite automotive video personality and UK writer recently stopped by the AMG facility to take a tour and get cozy with the Mercedes-Benz factory modification outfit's heritage collection. Harris had his pick of everything in the stable, and while there were undoubtedly many models worth his consideration, in the end, the choice of which vehicle to wring out in the rain was a simple one. After all, there are only so many chances in life to snug one's self into a 1986 AMG Hammer.

While the machine's 381 horsepower is paltry by today's standards, this coupe holds down a place in the automotive pantheon of legendary machinery. With a 6.0-liter V8 sucking through a set of AMG four-valve heads, the Hammer effectively bent the BMW M5 over to teach it a thing or two about large cars moving quickly. Watching the machine wag its tail all over the German countryside is a thing of bliss. Check it out below.

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