1975 Cosworth Vega
  • 1975 Cosworth Vega
  • Pristine 1975 Cosworth Vega on eBay Motors

In 1970, General Motors vice president John DeLorean wanted more power for the Chevrolet division's Vega. After five years of development, the Cosworth Vega was born. Sometime that year, somebody in Farmington, Ill. bought Cosworth Vega No. 1,094 of 2,061 cars built that year and promptly stored it away.

After changing hands several times, including in 2000 for $9,500 then again a few years later for $28,600 at a Mecum auction, No. 1094 is again available to a new owner. The eBay Motors Buy-It-Now price from RK Motors of Charlotte, NC is $34,900 – no small ask.

However, this is quite possibly the lowest miles, most pristine 1975 Cosworth Vega extant. The odometer shows only 290 miles, and the satin black paint is all original. Inside, the carpet looks factory fresh, and the engine-turned bezel around the instruments gleams like the day it was born.

Even if you're not a Cosworth Vega fan, check out our gallery for a quick trip back to 1975.

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