FAW-Volkswagen, the China joint-venture that includes the giant German automaker, will begin testing lithium-ion batteries made by China BAK for use in upcoming electric vehicles.

The program starts slow, with China BAK delivering three lithium-ion batteries to FAW-Volkswagen by the end of next month. FAW-Volkswagen will then test the batteries for reliability and performance. Further details were not released.

In June, Ward's Auto reported that FAW Group, which has been making cars with VW for more than two decades, is in the process of developing an extended-range plug-in vehicle similar to the Chevrolet Volt. FAW debuted a plug-in hybrid vehicle that was able to go as far as 44 miles in electric-only mode. Alongside other contracts, China BAK last year won a contract to supply 20,000 lithium-ion cells to electric-bike maker Xidesheng Bicycle.
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China BAK to Supply Lithium-ion Batteries to FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd.

SHENZHEN, China , Aug. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- China BAK Battery, Inc. ("China BAK", the "Company", or "we") (Nasdaq: CBAK), a leading global manufacturer of lithium-based battery cells, today announced that the Company has received a sample order to supply its lithium-ion batteries to FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. ("FAW-Volkswagen"), a major passenger sedan joint-venture of FAW Group Corporation and Volkswagen AG .

China BAK plans to deliver three lithium-ion battery units to FAW-Volkswagen by the end of September 2012. FAW-Volkswagen will utilize the Company's lithium-ion battery units to power its electric cars and to test the performance and reliability of the battery units.

"FAW-Volkswagen is a leading passenger car manufacturer in China and we look forward to delivering our lithium-ion battery units to power its new electric car. Our cooperation with FAW-Volkswagen demonstrates our technological strength and market recognition. Upon successful testing, we expect to expand the scope of our cooperation and hope to receive additional orders," commented Mr. Xiangqian Li, CEO of China BAK.

About FAW-Volkswagen Automobile Co. Ltd.

FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. is a major passenger sedan joint-venture of FAW Group Corporation and Volkswagen AG, Audi AG and Volkswagen Automobile (China) Investment Co., Ltd. It is China's first modern passenger sedan industrial base of considerable economic scale. FAW-Volkswagen adopts advanced technologies and equipment to manufacture some of the world's most famous brands – Jetta; Bora; Golf; Caddy; Sagitar and Audi.

For more information regarding FAW-Volkswagen, please visit http://www.faw-vw.com/en/index.php .

About China BAK Battery, Inc .

China BAK Battery, Inc. (NASDAQ: CBAK) is a leading global manufacturer of lithium-based battery cells. The Company produces battery cells that are the principal component of rechargeable batteries commonly used in cellular phones, smartphones, notebook computers, e-bikes, electric vehicles, power tools, uninterruptible power supplies, and portable consumer electronics such as portable media players, portable gaming devices, personal digital assistants, or PDAs, camcorders, digital cameras, and Bluetooth headsets. China BAK Battery, Inc.'s production facilities, located in Shenzhen and Tianjin, PRC, cover over three million square feet. For more information regarding China BAK Battery, Inc., please visit http://www.bak.com.cn.

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