The 911 was crowned this year's Best Driver's Car by Motortrend as Porsche took its storied sports coupe to new heights by adding more performance and more luxury to an already faultless package. But drivers might be frustrated when they hear that, for 2013, the 911 is getting auto rev-matching downshifts on its 7-speed manual gearbox. Using new software, the 911 will automatically blip the throttle during downshifts. This completely abandons the need for a driver to heel-toe when braking--a performance technique where the driver operates both the brake and gas pedals simultaneously with their right foot, while adjusting the clutch with their left foot for a smooth downshift to slow the vehicle. A Porsche spokesman told Car and Driver that the system works just like SynchroRev Match in the Nissan 370Z, a system that many enthusiasts claim ruins the manual shifting experience.

Fortunately, those who don't want anything to do with auto rev-matching won't get it unless they purchase the optional Sport Chrono package. For those who select the package, auto rev-matching will remain on in Sport Plus mode. In Normal and Sport mode, the system isn't enabled.

Porsche also stated that later plans include offering the system on the 2013 Carreras and eventually on both Boxster and Cayman.

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