There are the racers who tackle the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on four wheels and then there are the (even more) insane bastards who head up the mountain on bikes. Greg Tracy is without a doubt one of the most talented of those souls. He's collected the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb overall win a total of six times, and this year, he blew straight past the 10 minute barrier on his Ducati with a 9:58.262 time up the course. Impressive, given the rider laid down a machine the weekend before the hill climb during a video shoot.

The time put him within six seconds of this year's winner, Carlin Dunne. Six seconds is a lifetime in motorsports, but watching Tracy wring the big Duc out over the 12-mile slog to the top makes it hard to fathom pulling any more time from the run. Check out the clip below for yourself.

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