During next month's General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference (GPEC) in Leipzig, Germany, BMW will present its next round of vehicles developed for police and VIPs. Five 2013 cars and four motorcycles – the 3 Series Touring, X3, 7 Series High Security and X5 Security, i3 Concept, R1200RT, G650GS, F800ST and K1600GT – will be displayed at the BMW stand.

Potential German federal and state police use of the 3 Series Touring and X3 were considerations during development, with features such as iDrive-controlled sirens and LED beacons integrated to BMW factory standards. At the opposite end, the electric i3 Concept is for police in urban areas where emissions reduction is a key consideration.

The BMW 7 Series High Security and X5 Security meet the elevated standards of amoured vehicles classified by the VR scale. The BR1 to BR7 measurements assess the resistance of the armour itself, but not how well the entire vehicular package withstands attack. The VR tests address that; the scale goes from VR1 to VR9, the 7 Series H.S. is rated at VR7 overall and VR9 in some specific cases. the X5 Security is rated VR4, which is tough enough to stop rounds from a .44 Magnum.

Motorcycle officers get the latest version of the much-used R1200RT, a brand new bronze-green military version of the G650GS, a prototype of the F800ST and a police-issue, six-cylinder K1600GT.

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