Most of us are used to seeing doctors driving around in BMWs and Land Rovers, but Dr. Catherine Baucom, a surgeon in Louisiana, showed up to work on a pink kid's bicycle.

After getting stuck in a traffic jam when a car accident shut down a stretch of Interstate 10 in Baton Rouge, Dr. Baucom showed how dedicated she is to her work. Instead of waiting in the traffic and postponing a scheduled surgery, she left the interstate and headed to a friend's house nearby to seek alternative transportation. As you can see from the image above, all the fellow doctor had to offer Dr. Baucom was his 7-year-old daughter's bicycle and, for safety, a matching princess helmet.

While it's not clear exactly how far she had to ride the bike, it was undoubtedly a challenge since Dr. Baucom is almost six feet tall and the bike is kiddie-sized. After being questioned by police along the way and explaining her situation, law enforcement gave Dr. Baucom an escort to the hospital.

Not only did she make it to her patient on time, she got to keep the princess helmet as a present.

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