Here's a test of nine cars (see above), only two of which make less than 500 horsepower. Three of these nine cars recorded 0-60 times of less than three seconds, and all the rest but one (the Subaru BRZ), did it in 4.2 or less. Those are impressive stats, to be sure, but huge horsepower figures and stupid-quick acceleration, while certainly amazing in its own way, doesn't necessarily mean the car is a blast to drive – as Motor Trend says, if it were, they'd be testing a bunch of Top Fuel dragsters.

No, the point of throwing together these nine cars was to find out which is the magazine's Best Driver's Car of 2012. As you might imagine, a lot of instrumented testing goes into the equation, but perhaps the most important pieces of information come from the pilots behind the wheel. Again, to quote Motor Trend, "picking the Best Driver's Car, while fun, takes a great deal of time, thought, sweat, and vicious arguing."

Sound like fun? Instead of spoiling the results, we'll direct you to the video pasted below and the accompanying article here.

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