Oh, how we love "rebranding." From the stumblebums at The Gap to the desperate deckhands on the Microsoft Titanic, needlessly changing your logo is all the rage these days, so we shouldn't be surprised to see the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission join in on the fun by eliminating the word "taxi" from the city's cabs. That's right, while they'll still be yellow and hailing one will still prove challenging for out-of-towners, New York's taxis will now be identified by a yellow capital "T" in a black circle.

2012 Toyota Prius V New York City Taxi with old logoAccording to The New York Times, besides their "axi," cabs will also be losing their passenger door fare panel - the information will be displayed on the cab's video screen instead. The subtle shift in design is the result of New York's Taxi of Tomorrow program, in which the Nissan NV200 was picked to become the city's exclusive taxi vehicle, starting next year. The t-in-a-circle logo was created by Smart Design.

David S. Yassky, the Taxi and Limousine Commission Chairman, responded to questions about whether people would be able to identify the new cabs by saying, "Even the greenest of greenhorns will know that it's a taxicab," according to the report.

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