Will we soon be commuting on real-life hovercraft soon? It depends on what you mean by "soon," "commuting" and "real-life."

Aerofex has released video showing its two-rotor, one-manned vehicle lifting off the ground, negotiating turns and landing.

But Gizmag says the most amazing claim from Aerofex concerns the tandem duct vehicle's guidance system. The company says its prototype uses no flight software or electronics of any kind to give the "pilot" complete control over pitch, roll and yaw. The gadget site, though, isn't totally convinced, stating the videos "appear to show successful test flights." The italics are Gizmag's.

Watching the video, it's hard not to be impressed by how well the prototype seems to work. It's also not hard to notice the complete lack of sound, leading us to believe the hoverbike is a long way from cruising down Main Street. Watch the silent test flight video below.

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