It's the ultimate childhood icon of the '80s built with the ultimate childhood toy of the '80s: a Lamborghini Countach fashioned from Lego blocks. One German member of created exactly that as he designed and built his very own Lego Lambo.

According to the Lego-centric forum, Georg (aka Polo-Freak) started with a 1:18 scale model of the Countach and used a computer program to begin mapping out the construction of Lego Lamborghini starting in 2007. Three years later, he started buying the necessary pieces for his Lego masterpiece, and while he doesn't give any ballpark figure of how many blocks it took to built the car (or at what cost), the number of pieces required for this project is probably more Legos than most of had in total as kids.

The scaled-down Lamborghini is surprisingly detailed with all of the car's unique elements – such as the raised spoiler, rear air scoops and even the pop-up headlights. After all the planning, it still took him two weeks to assemble. That is probably more dedication than most of us have put into our full-scale projects, and the end result is a nothing short of incredible.

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