Looking to flag down a taxi in New York City? Well put down your hand and pick up your cell phone.

The free Zabkab smartphone app not only allows users to see a map of cabs in their immediate vicinity, it also lets them digitally hail one. Better yet, it allows users to get a cab heading in their direction even before stepping foot outside... no more waiting in the rain to catch a taxi. An upcoming feature will make it easier to flag down a taxi at night by turning the screen bright yellow when the phone is tilted on its side.

The article on Rundown.com says that while there is no cost to users, cabbies will pay between $10 to $15 a month for the service, but with the claim that New York City cabbies spend up to a quarter of their shift just looking for fares, this seems like a win-win for all parties.

Currently, the Zabkab app is only available in the iPhone app store and Google Play for Android phones, but the company's website says that it'll be offered for Blackberry users soon.

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