1969 Chevy Camaro becomes slot-car track

People were riveted by Roger Penske's deep blue Sunoco Camaros driven by Mark Donohue in the 1968 and '69 Trans-Am series. Spectators were fascinated because the cars were big winners, and rivals couldn't figure out how Penske's Camaros were so dominant.

The 1969 Camaro you see above above pays tribute to the Sunoco Camaros, but it's riveting for a different reason: it's a slot-car track. Why? Because that's just what Slot Mods does. We've seen their work before, such as the track hidden inside a Porsche 917 shell. This weekend at Pebble Beach they're unveiling a Road America replica track commissioned by Bobby Rahal.

But for now there's that 1969 Camaro that doesn't run the track, it is the track. Check it out in the video posted below.

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