In 1939, Jean Bugatti was hard at work on the Type 64 Coupe. A total of three examples were started, but only one received completed bodywork before the designer's death during a Type 57 road test. Now the Mullin Automotive Museum is out to finish what Bugatti started all those years ago. Using many of the same coachbuilding techniques employed by the French automaker in the late '30s, the museum has all but finished constructing the body.

Naked of paint and lounging under the California sun, the Type 64 looks as if it has just rolled out of our ancestors' vision for the future. Its papillion doors and dramatic, reaching front fenders are as elegant now as they were when Bugatti first sketched them 73 years ago. Take a closer look for yourself by clicking through the photo gallery.

And if you missed the Quail Motorsports Gathering, don't sweat it. The Mullin Automotive Museum plans to display the car at its Oxnard, California facility starting this fall.

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