Crazy woman tightrope walks between two moving semis to sell Volvo Trucks

We can think of plenty of good uses for long stretches of empty highway under construction, but performing a death-defying tightrope stunt between two semis is nowhere on our list. Now this isn't just any regular stunt, as Volvo Trucks enlisted world record-holding funambulist Faith Dickey and Hollywood stunt coordinator Peter Pedrero to come up with a video that helps shows off the "precision and control" of its new FH series semi trucks. (Yes, even truck companies are now trying to use viral videos to peddle their wares.)

It wouldn't be an exciting video if she walked a tightrope between the trucks as they were sitting still, and it obviously still wasn't good enough to film the stunt with the trucks simply driving on a flat, boring airport runway. Instead, the trucks are cruising down a deserted stretch of highway in Croatia barreling toward a divided tunnel in a mountain face at just under 80 km/h (close to 50 mph). Dickey is wearing a safety cable in case she falls off during the stunt, but with each truck heading into a separate tunnel, the tether won't help much if the rope breaks.

While you're watching the video below to see how Dickey and the new Volvo Trucks perform, we'll be on the phone with the passenger car side of Volvo to see if we can spend some time on this same Croatian stretch of road with a Polestar-tuned S60.

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