McCall's Motorworks Revival has officially kicked off the festivities in Monterey, California. This year, attendees were treated to a buffet of lust-worthy metal both new and old, including one very special treat. CSX2000, the very first Shebly Cobra assembled by Carroll Shelby himself, drove in under its own power and a distinguished cloud of oil smoke. Long live the snake. Two historically-significant Ford GT40 models showed up on the tarmac as well, including the very first MKI road car ever produced and the very last MK1 race car ever built.

If those aren't good enough to get your mouth watering, the oldest Corvette Stingray in existence stopped by to rub elbows with the personal jets on the runway as well. The third Stingray constructed, the '63 Convertible boasts hand-laid fiberglass and a 327-cube V8 under the hood.

It wasn't all old American metal, though. Both Ferrari and Lamborghini showed up with some of their more lust-worthy hardware, as did Koenigsegg, though it was Pagani that stole the show. The Italian automaker displayed two Huayra models. You know, in case you somehow managed to miss one of them. Check out the full gallery above for a taste of the action.

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