Chadwick Lange, a 43-year-old real estate broker from Florida, found out the hard way that being too trustworthy in the big city can have some dire consequences.

Lange pulled up to the intersection of 47th Street and Broadway in New York's Time Square at 4:40am on Sunday and hopped our of his 2008 Maserati GranTurismo to meet a friend of his. Incredibly, he didn't bother to turn off the engine, leaving the $150,000 car unlocked and running while he chatted with his buddy.

"He puts the car in park but doesn't take the keys out," a police source told the New York Daily News. "His friend is there; he starts talking to him while these two guys come up to him."

The two guys were two seemingly polite car enthusiasts, who asked Lange if they could take a few photos with the car. Lange, completely unaware of the situation, told the pair that they could and went back to chatting with his friend.

The two "gawkers" took a few photos, then one sneakily got into the driver's seat and tore off in the expensive Italian ride. The other took off running down the street and was picked up by the stolen Maserati moments later. The two then disappeared into the night.

Police have yet to track down either the car or the thieves. Hopefully, the car can be recovered, but it's looking like Lange got a very expensive lesson in how to handle the Big Apple.

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