Yes, we know saying, "Lexus is considering more hybrids," is about as obvious as predicting the company's next model will have wheels, but reports the automaker expects to offer buyers a total of eight hybrid models by 2015.

Mark Templin, Lexus general manager, recently took the time to detail some of the more interesting projects looming in the automaker's future, and while specifics on the next batch of hybrid vehicles are still missing, Templin did say Lexus has its heart set on going after the CUV segment more aggressively. That means we will likely see the Toyota luxury arm crank out a new model to slot below the current RX.

When will that happen, exactly? No time soon, from the sound of things. Templin underscored the fact that the RX is currently the best-selling luxury CUV on the market. Lexus sees no need to rock the boat with a newcomer just yet.

Lexus is also mulling the possibility of adding another supercar to its mix, based loosely on the LFC. Templin said the LF-LC Concept received a warm welcome by show goers in Detroit, and with the LFA all but sold out, decision makers are currently weighing the necessity of bringing about a successor. Cross your fingers.

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