As much as we'd like them to, some car companies don't break out their plug-in vehicle sales for our monthly alt-car sale wrap-up posts. Tesla? Guilty. Fisker? You, too. Their lack of data doesn't mean we can't get an insight into the numbers of vehicles built and sold by the California company, we just need a roundabout way to get at it. Enter the eagle-eyed team at Green Car Reports.

Fed up with the vague "about 1,000" global sales number for the Karma plug-in hybrid that we've heard for a while now, GCR has been pestering Fisker for a while about how many Karmas have been sold – to no avail. But, when they found one in the wild with a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) that ended with 001992, they figured it was number 1,992 off the line. Then, during yesterday's announcement about new CEO Tony Posawatz, Henrik Fisker happened to mention that "about 1,900" Karmas have been built thus far. As GCR writes, "While it's possible (though unlikely) that Fisker uses non-contiguous VINs, we're going to take his comment as confirmation of our query." We agree.

This doesn't get us any closer to actually knowing how many sales there have been, but it's more than we had before.

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