Automotive News reports that Chrysler is replacing the cylinder heads on certain Pentastar V6 engines with "more robust" parts. The automaker hasn't detailed the problem behind the replacement, but says that there were around 1,300 vehicles across the country over the past few weeks waiting for replacement parts.

A shortage of replacement cylinder heads left many owners out of their vehicle for a week or more with Chrysler paying for rentals in the interim. The company says it is receiving as many as 500 requests per week for the new cylinder heads. In response, Chrysler supplied its service network with around 3,000 new parts to fill the orders. New Pentastar engines are being built with the revised heads.

All told, the automaker says the issue impacts around 7,500 of the 1.5 million Pentastar engines produced during the past two years. Owners have complained of ticking, stalling and other issues from Pentastar-equipped models, though Chrysler says the problem is the combination of a number of variables. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Chrysler has yet to release a technical service bulletin on the issue, though all replacements are being done under warranty.

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