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Since being installed in 2009, an electric vehicle charging station in Putney in the UK has been used for just five – five! – hours.

According to The Guardian, the station in question – which cost £6,018 ($9,430 U.S. at today's exchange rates) to install – is in the parking lot of the Putney Leisure Centre in Putney. A council spokesman told the newspaper that stations were installed before the cars were available and that, "Usage was always going to be very low in the early years until more affordable models become available and more people switch to this new, greener technology."

Granted, this singular anecdote does not have any real bearing on the plug-in vehicle market in the UK as a whole – other UK chargers were used much, much more, and more stations were installed near the barely used Putney charger this year – but it does show that this line, from The Guardian, remains important: "Some electric car owners are able to charge cars in their own homes overnight reducing their need to use the council charging points while on the go."

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