One of the largest traits that research says stands out among the growing legion of Generation Y car buyers is that they are more concerned about the environment than previous generations.

In order to woo them, automakers have geared their advertising toward all things green, even if their products can't quite match the hype.

Environmentalists have labeled this phenomenon of making a product appear to be more environmentally benign than it actually is "greenwashing." They may not do much to actually lessen pollution, but they make people feel greener.

"The ad industry has stepped up to make you feel better about the things that are not green by making them feel green," Graeme Newell, president of 602 Communications, a marketing research firm, told The Huffington Post.

A while back, our friends at The Huffington Post have cobbled together 5 examples of greenwashed advertising that were produced by the auto industry and put together this look at some of the worst offenders.

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