It's been nearly a year since Flyin' Miata took two cars to the Targa Newfoundland. As you may recall, I got to tag along and do my best to get the supercharged Grand Touring entry as lost as possible. While we were there, one very dedicated film crew followed us from stage to stage, thereby documenting our various triumphs and defeats for a feature-length film. Packed with lots of in-stage footage, interviews with crew as well as fans of both Flyin' Miata and the Targa Newfoundland, the show finds itself on footing with the likes of Truth in 24 and From Dust to Glory.

I spend a bit of time on screen trying to explain what it's like to drown under a league of time-speed-distance calculations, but don't let that be a deterrent. The movie does a stellar job of conveying exactly what it's like to compete in one of the most unique motorsports endeavors on the planet. You can check out the preview for Racing the Rock below or head over to Flyin' Miata to purchase your DVD copy. Keep an eye out for it to show up on iTunes and BluRay later down the line.

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