We might be hearing more of this sound in the future. Nürburgring laps with aural excitement defined only by the wind and tire noise; grippingly peculiar when compared with otherwise typical roaring runs.

You might remember when Audi announced the R8 E-Tron's run on the Nürburgring just a few months ago. Now we have video, with Markus Winkelhock throwing down behind the wheel. Just 5 seconds short of Audi's R8 V8 run, Markus and the E-Tron came in at a very notable 8:09.
Note: engineers raised the top speed for the run to 150 mph (production cars will top out at 125 mph).

Considering that the car is a full electric, it's nothing short of spectacular to see Markus hooning it as if it were a normal gas-powered R8. Audi still says they plan to release the E-Tron model later this year in the exact spec--minus the lifted top speed limit--as the one shown here.

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