Yes, we just had an electric vehicle infographic, but this one's different and colorfully presents other facts about this green car world we cover every day.

A little more in-depth than the recent EV 101 infographic, today's image deals with electric vehicle purchases – where they're doing relatively well (Norway), why they're not selling like hotcakes (too expensive) – as well as items like how gas prices could affect those sales ($6 gas would boost the numbers? You don't say). Then there's this: "If this year's EV sales projection is correct, that's still only 0.45% of the 14 million cars to be sold in 2012." That's a harsh truth.

There are some errors (for example, the U.S. hasn't yet spent $529 million on the Fisker Automotive loan, just $193 million to date. Also, it's a loan, not a grant), but it's still a good, concise look at the state of plug-ins in the middle of 2012. Is this where you thought we'd be by now?

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