Most of the time our spy shots reveal the sexy new lines of the latest sports car or some subtle curves that hint at the new direction for a midsize sedan. Today things are a little different. Boxier, more van-like. Yet the forthcoming 2013 Ford Transit our spy shooters captured roaming the streets of Detroit is unlike any cargo van Americans have ever known.

For the first time, Ford has deemed us worthy of getting a version of its European workhorse. If you've been following the drama, the venerable E-Series van is slated for the long walk into the sunset. That's right, millions of plumbers, delivery guys, shuttle bus drivers and even a few shag-carpet-loving conversion van aficionados are going to have to learn to love a new mistress.

Ford has hinted that the American version of the Transit will be truckier than the curvy European version previewed by the Transit Tourneo Custom Concept. Expect it to look like a cross between the European model and an F-150. Ford has said the van will be powered by a version of the 3.5-liter EcoBoost that's already under the hood of the F-150, and that there will be a diesel variant as well.

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