Electric vehicle fans have been building their own do-it-yourself cars for years, and a Japanese company thinks it has just the thing to reach that market: a quirky little DIY EV kit. We're not saying Modi chose "Pius" as the product name as a crass way to trick that audience, just that the name certainly reminds us of another, quite popular, green vehicle.

Modi Corporation, a Japan-based company making prototype vehicles, will begin offering the "micro compact car" Pius kit next spring. Range on a full charge is only expected to be a little over 15 miles, and it will only drive about 22 miles per hour at top speed, so you'd basically be building a neighborhood EV. Pricing for the mini-EV has yet to be announced.

The single-seater can be registered as a class-1 motorized bicycle in Japan. While it's certainly not an appealing commuter car, the company expects that the do-it-yourself kit will be used as an educational tool for learning the basic functions and manufacturing of EVs. Customers are expected to be based at educational institutions such as universities, colleges of technology, and service technician training centers.

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