Well this kind of defeats the purpose, doesn't it.

Since Olympic organizers have shut down London's only hydrogen refueling station, three of London's hydrogen-powered cabs are being shipped – via diesel-powered car transporters – 65 miles away for refueling. Why did they do that, you ask? Because of security concerns, reports UK's Swindon Advertiser.

The cabs, which are owned by HyTEC, are being used in London during the Games, but then have to be shipped to Swindon, the nearest hydrogen filling station, for a three-minute refill. The drive takes quite a bit longer. Given the absurdity, there remains a chance that a hydrogen refueling station at Heathrow Airport might be opened before the end of the Games.

Just prior to the start of the Olympics, five hydrogen-powered buses that were being used to shuttle people between Tower Gateway and Covent Garden were taken out of service and replaced by diesel buses because the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) said hydrogen storage at the station posed a security risk.

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