For car guys, pedal cars have an allure that survives long past the days when our short, stubby legs provided all the horsepower we needed. Which explains why people with the means have no problem paying as much as $12,000 for a hot-rodded, pedal-powered roadster. Take for instance the group of nine pedal cars being auctioned by the Petersen Automotive Museum during its Deuce Week. The first three will be auctioned on August 18 at RM Auctions in Monterey.

Pictured above is Rad Rides by Troy's shrunken version of a 1932 Ford Salt Flat Racer. Moon disc wheels and custom-crafted suspension parts make this car look like it just rolled outta Bonneville, where it was expected to break numerous land-speed records for kid-powered vehicles. Unfortunately, the driver unexpectedly needed a nap and forfeited his time slot, which explains the lack of salt spray on the body.

Steve's Auto Restorations in Portland created a hot little '32 Ford with leather interior, leather sliding top, stainless tube grille and a "mini Art Deco 1920s dash gauge cluster."

Hollywood Hot Rods calls their entry the 1932 Ford "Respect Tradition" Custom Pedal Car. Despite the miniature (faux) Hemi engine up front, the builder says they gave special attention to ensure the car can still be powered by pedal. It's an awesome recreation of the shop's full-size car including the Duvall split windshield.

The remaining six pedal cars were done by H&H Flatheads, So-Cal Speed Shop, Winfield Rod & Custom, Rolling Bones Hot Rod Shop, Fastlane Rod Shop, and the students of McPherson College Automotive Restoration. More information on those cars will be available from Petersen later. All proceeds go to help underprivileged children visit the Petersen Museum.

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