The German Olympic team may be trailing the Chinese and Americans in London when it comes to medal count, but at least it has a cool ride. Audi has presented the team with an A1 e-tron decked out in German colors, to promote the automaker's plug-in vehicles.

The 102-horsepower extended-range plug-in can sprint along at 80 miles per hour and includes an on-board gas-powered engine/range-extender that provides about 150 miles of range after the initial electrons are used up. As fun as that might be, for now, the car's being used for nothing more than a shuttle between the Olympic Village and the MS Deutschland cruise ship.

The German automaker has been busy publicizing its work on its e-tron group recently, including posting a video of its e-tron Quattro in June and operating a pilot project with its battery-electric version of its A3 hatchback in Colorado.

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