Toyota Prius Solution: When you're dead, you can't pollute

Let's make this clear from the get-go: we know this is satire, courtesy of The Onion. Of course, like all good comedy, the idea for the new, fictional Toyota Prius Solution model contains a grain of truth. After all, if you aren't alive, you really can't add to the world's environmental problems any more. Any questions?

Obviously a riff on the whole "Pious" side of the Prius-driver stereotype as well as taking blind environmentalism to its logical extreme, the Prius Solution manages to put a bloody twist on the Prius "family" branding that the automaker has been promoting since early 2010. It's kind of gross, so you've been warned.

That said, anyone who's been punctured backbone-to-sternum also can't work to solve world's environmental problems, but that's a discussion for another time. Enough talk. Check out the video below.

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Toyota Prius

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